Saturday, 11 January 2014

Of mice and kings

As much as I'm loving my job atm I am soooo glad it's the weekend!  Going to work in the dark staying indoors all day and then coming home in the dark has made it a long week.  So it was with great glee I went on a long muddy dog walk under a clear blue sky this morning.  It felt good to be outside for a few hours. 

On my return the postie had left me a parcel with these wee adorable Alan Dart medieval mice.  My class starts a new topic next week on 'Who lives in a castle?' Stirling is celebrating the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn and all local schools are taking part in a very special project.  Each infant class is looking at a different aspect so we're all trying to find different approaches to stimulate discussion and activities (senior pupils are looking at the historical facts of the battle etc)  My lovely mum (herself a retired Head teacher) has knitted these in leftover yarn from other projects for my kids to play with and hopefully learn something. For example, in 1314 peasants were not allowed to wear bright colours, only the nobles could wear red and purple.  Beautifully illustrated by the wee mice :-) The crowns have wee beads knitted into them and the peasant has a basket on his back filled with red berries!!

This afternoon the Teenager and I had a ski lesson, a Christmas present from OH.  It was awesome!! On the way home I scored some reduced veg at Waitrose.  Organic peppers reduced to 10p a pack so 6 for 30p.  I also got 4 Little Gem lettuces reduced to 10p, 2 celery hearts reduced to 10p and a tub of smoked salmon pate for 15p


  1. Those wee mice are just adorable!

  2. Beautiful mice and great bargains too ...Shaz

  3. Ooh what bargains, our yellow stickers have been rubbish lately, only being marked down buy 10p or so boo ... love your blog :) xx

  4. Gorgeous mice, and who said Waitrose was always expensive ... brilliant bargains there, better than anything I've spotted recently!!