Sunday, 5 January 2014

Back to work

Back to work tomorrow, that's the first time I've said that for 5 years!  Thanks to feeling so poorly for the full 2 weeks all my big plans for doing stuff to the house have gone out the window.  Ah well!  But I have spent time thinking and planning.  I re wrote my About Me page (linky at top of blog) which helped clarify what I want/need to do with this opportunity of returning to paid work.  In a nutshell, I have no pension other than a tiny one with a few years worth of part time teaching contributions.  So my reason for working is simply to build up savings for my retirement.  I have potentially 20 years of teaching in me so could put away enough for a decent retirement. Simple when I look at it now.

In my internet wanderings I came across this beautiful necklace with the Latin phrase alis volat propriis.  The English translation is She flies with her own wings.  I thought this summed up beautifully what I want to do with my life.  Having a little bit of Christmas money left I decided to buy it (changing the pearl for a red crystal as I don't do pearls).  Can't wait for it to arrive :-)

Remember my black fridge freezer?  I'm delighted to say that it's fully operational and already filled with lots of home made ready meals and supermarket bargains.

I had a voucher for £15 off a supermarket delivery worth £60 so bought 1.5kg of steak mince and 2kg frozen (British) chicken breast pieces.  The mince became 6 cottage pies, 6 portions of taco mince and 6 Burritos.  Half of the chicken became 6 generous portions of chicken in white wine casserole using up leftover half bottle of wine from Christmas Day and a load of veg lurking in the fridge. The other half is still to be cooked.

There are also 7 portions of turkey soup and 4 portions of basic risotto, all portioned up perfectly for me to take for lunch.  There's a microwave in the staff room so 2 weeks of cheap lunches ahead!

Today's plan is to make some pizza dough (if I can dig out my breadmaker!!) and a vat of tomato sauce so the Teenager has pizzas on hand.

Hopefully I'll get everything done and be tucked up in my wee bed by half ten tonight, ready for that 6.10am alarm tomorrow morning.


  1. Good luck on your first day back at work - exciting for you, and just think every hour worked is more money in that pension pot :-)

    I love all your freezer filling, so very sensible and money saving, what a brilliant start to the new year.

    All the very best. xx

  2. Excellent use of the freezer and bargains. Great planning and you have a real 'head start' for the new term. I have not done any real shopping as we have been away but will be out later looking for some more bargains for us. I am also back at work tomorrow, not looking forward to it - that's the trouble when you have a great holiday! Only a few more weeks though before our BIG trip and then we will be totally focussed on getting goood summer season work.

  3. Good luck for your return to paid work and with saving for retirement. I taught for many years and ended up with about 20 years of contributions which gives about 7000 pounds per year. I left teaching for pastures new when I was 50 (15 years ago) so was able to draw my pension from age 60.
    In my school we had a thriving 'market' in the staff room veggies, cards, give away stuff etc It was very handy but you need a big enough number of people for it to work well.
    Helen in France

  4. Like you I`ve also been ill for most of the holiday, seems such a waste of time. However unlike me you`ve made a great start to the new year with all that cooking. I love the necklace, somehow it seems to sum up my approach to life. I have a birthday coming up and am going to start dropping a few hints! Hope work goes well. H

  5. Good luck - first day back at work! And well done for filling the freezer - getting organised is certainly the way to go!


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