Saturday, 8 March 2014

Pretty in pink

This week I made an effort to be creative for the sake of my sanity!  As well as making an apron from an old white sheet for my Alice in Wonderland costume (for World Book Day, sadly no pics of me) I saved this pink cardigan from the recycle bin.  This cardi had 2 wee holes in it (Emma's work, don't ask!!) but had only been washed a few times so was too good to throw out.

I used 2 wee circles of felt (size of a 2p and 1p coin) and a teeny button to make some felt flowers.  I painted some nail polish around the holes to stop fraying then stitched these on.  Dunno how they'll stand up to being washed but I wore it to work and everyone commented on it :-)

Continuing the pink theme, I won these lovely suede shoes on ebay for 99p.  Worn once apparently they are in great nick. Ideal for work as they're flat but a wee bit different.  They're M&S Autograph ones so would have been expensive when new. They made me smile :-)

Thanks for the lovely comments on my last post.  This week has been even more manic with a very long parents' evening.  It's only 4 weeks until the Easter holidays so I can keep going and then make some decisions when I'm not so tired.


  1. That is so pretty Ali- well done. I'm working up to turning a 30p jumper into a cardi. Just need to take the plunge now!

  2. Love what you did to the cardi and the shoes are lovely. I only have two weeks to half term and I am so ready for the break. xx


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