Saturday, 1 March 2014

Something's Gotta Give

This is kinda how I've been feeling this week (btw I love this film!!)  My life is so jam packed atm that unless I take a proactive approach the universe is going to do it for me and I'll have no control over what gives.

The one big thing I learned about myself from my counselling course was that I'm a control freak and it's actually very common in women especially working mothers.  It's not the need to be in control of other people but the need to be in control of the things happening in your own life.  Well, that's just impossible as it's interaction with other people that make life unpredictable.

I've stumbled into a full time job that I absolutely love.  I was expecting a short term contract that would ease me back into teaching but the opportunity to extend it to a year was too good to pass.  But it's meant that my home life has been chaos ever since and being ill over the Christmas holidays meant I didn't get myself as organised as I could.

So, this weekend needs to be a thinking and planning one.  How can I give my job 100% whilst keeping on top of housework, food shopping, cooking, going to the gym, my OU course, DS's school stuff etc?  I still have unpacked boxes despite moving here 6 months ago and don't even get me started on decorating!!

Right, I'm off to start writing lists.  Lists always help me focus. I always find answers there :-)


  1. I was in a similar position to you some years ago when I was teaching. My husband was frequently away working , I had a teenage daughter and a full time job as HOD in a comprehensive school 20 miles from home. Yes the point came when something had to give. I decided to employ some help in the house. My lovely lady cleaned and did some ironing. The house was kept tidier for her to clean, we weren't wasting money paying someone to tidy after us. I felt such a weight lifted from my shoulders. Weekends were free for other things than cleaning even if it meant more time for the preparation and marking. Everyone benefited and I was providing some employment. You just have to accept the fact that in term time there's little time for decorating, crafting etc
    Can you consider doing this?
    Helen in France

  2. Lists are definitely the way to go; I now have my handmade chalkboard hanging on the kitchen wall so it can be updated anytime - got it hung up a few weeks ago, been here nearly 3 years! LOL Good luck with everything!

  3. Yep, I second Helen's comment - getting someone to help in the house if your budget allows will free up so much time and provide employment. I worked full-time for years, with a considerable commute, and spent every Saturday keeping up with the housework and didn't have time to do the things I wanted to do. When I finally gave in and hired a cleaner, and also sent my husband's work shirts to the laundry to cut down on ironing, I felt like I got my life back! We also re-organized the house so that it was easier to keep tidy, and we wasted less time hunting things down. I was able to spend weekends gardening, shopping, or doing whatever I wanted.

  4. I've had a house cleaner (teenage girl) twice in my life, when I had lots of little children. It is a sanity saver! I've also been a house cleaner myself and was so grateful someone needed me and gave me a job when I most needed it. I'd say that it would be a huge blessing to you if you could get one for the rest of the school year to help you get on top of some other things. Best of luck to you.


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