Saturday, 31 May 2014

Like minded

Last week in the staff room one of the teachers sat beside me and handed me a pretty bag and spoke quietly.  "I hope you won't be offended but I think we're like minded since you've talked about getting your lovely dresses on Ebay.  I bought this in the charity shop but it doesn't fit me and wondered if you'd like it." Offended??  Absolutely not!!! :-)

It's a lovely Wallis skirt in black broderie anglais, just my size and just about fits me (must stay on the straight and narrow now summer is here and I've got lots of lovely clothes that are a wee bit snug!!)

I was rather chuffed to find a like minded person at work and now we chat quite happily at breaks about our clothes bargains, growing veg and keeping chickens (she does and I want to!!)
My tomato growhouse hasn't been a success so far as one of the zips has burst and every time it rains the water pools on the top making it sag down.  I didn't keep the receipt (am really bad at this!) so am wondering if I should go back to Homebase to complain.

However, my tomatoes have flowers :-) I've 3 different varieties so fingers crossed I end up with something edible.

Tomorrow I officially take over my allotment plot.  Woohoo!! Mum is coming to visit so she'll come with me to cast her expert eyes over it.  The Teenager and his older brother are also coming.  Hopefully they'll start the digging off and I'll get some potatoes in.  Bit late but they're good for getting the soil turned over.

I'll remember my camera and take lots of pics of the weeds :-)

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