Monday, 26 May 2014

Waiting and growing

It feels like I'm waiting for a few things to come to fruition atm.  My job position isn't as secure as I was lead to believe and I may be out of work by the end of June.  I'm waiting for HR to find out if the person I'm covering for has changed her mind about an extended maternity leave and will come back in August instead of February next year.  Whilst I've been good and managed to save a few months worth of salary the loss of 6 months guaranteed income on full salary is a major blow.
I'm waiting for my allotment lease to begin.  It's now commencing 1st June,  the weeds must be having a party while I wait!!
So while I wait I have been planting and growing :-)

Sweetcorn planted by OH (who isn't terribly green fingered so he's rather chuffed they've grown)

 Purple sprouting broccoli and onions in bed 1

Carrots, beetroot, chard and sugarsnap peas in bed 2

Forget what these are!!! Beans of some sort???

Top shelf: sweet peas, courgettes
Middle: free petunia plug plants from seed company when I ordered sweet potato slips and a reduced to 50p lavender plant
Bottom: spinach and lettuce seedlings from mum, chilli plant

Tomatoes, sadly not looking too healthy :-(
Fingers crossed everything keeps growing despite the pretty damp weather we've been having up here. Only 5 weeks left until the school holidays.  Cannot wait!!!

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  1. So sorry to read about your possible job loss! They're naughty leading you on, to say the least!

    Plants are looking good !
    I'll keep everything crossed for you! Xx