Saturday, 17 May 2014

Waiting, waiting

Still waiting for my lease and key to allotments to arrive.  It's to be backdated to the 1st of May so am wondering if I should be cheeky and just climb over gate to get started on my plot!!  Anyhoo, while I'm waiting my own wee garden is starting to grow.  First blue raised bed L to R:  carrots, beetroot, chard, spinach (not showing yet) and sugarsnap peas. All Sarah Raven seeds leftover from last year so no cost.

Purple sprouting broccoli and onions.  My mum picked up a bag of onion sets in Lidl (300g, not sure how many but loads) for very little cost.  Got plenty left for my allotment.

Strawberries in troughs are flowering.

Potatoes are starting to sprout so need more compost on them, that's today's job.

Gorgeous Lily of the Valley left by previous owner.

And one of my favourite free flowers Aquilegias, they just keep coming back year after year.  I've saved seed from my old house so hopefully they'll grow too.

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  1. You'll be in action soon, don't worry. Make all your plans while you have the time and get everything ready to spring into action, then once you have that key there will be no stopping you.


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