Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Cash flow

Since this month is my last guaranteed monthly salary I've been looking at my cash flow.  GULP! Basically it's all going out rather too quickly.  There have been a few big expenses this month and frankly my shopping bill has got out of control due to lack of planning.  I went to the autobank last night and there wasn't enough in my account to last until pay day which is in 8 days.  DOUBLE GULP!! First thing I did was pull out of the staff night out (was cajoled into it anyway)  I cannot justify a trip into Glasgow for an evening of cocktails and then fine dining.  Rough estimate of costs for train, taxi, alcohol and food would run into almost 3 figures. 

But thanks to all my frugal pals I've learned that when the going is good, the good get saving and I have 4 full months worth of salary saved.  So I have a safety net but I'd rather not use it until I absolutely have to.  I have a whole summer of no income other than maintenance payments for the Teenager so need to be extra frugal.  This week I heard that my job applications were unsuccessful so no idea where the next salary will come from.  I do hope things work out in the school I'm currently in but there's a lot of politics going on in the aftermath of our bad HMI report (which went public yesterday)

My wee garden of pots, planters and raised beds is starting to produce edible stuff.  I've been picking baby spinach and beetroot leaves for my salad lunches.  My strawberries are nearly ready for picking.  I just hope the birds don't discover them!

The mizuno is growing well.  I thought it might taste peppery but it's rather bland.

Potatoes in the bags are growing well, they're just about to start flowering.

And my tomatoes are well, a bit wilted looking in the heat!  I gave them some TLC tonight so hopefully they'll perk up a bit.  Lots of flowers on 2 of them, none on the black one in the middle as yet. 

On the allotment front I've paid for my plot so just waiting for the key next.  I can climb over the gate if I want though!! Time is running out to get much planted now but I'll spend the summer clearing and prepping it for winter veg. 

Growing my own veg this year isn't going to help much with the cashflow but it's hugely satisfying and I'm building towards being self sufficient-ish in veg.  I'm also working on a chicken plan ;-)

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