Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Peas, potatoes and paint

My blue raised beds are producing edible stuff :-)  We've been having a really hot spell so everything is growing well as long as I remember to water it all.  As a kid I loved picking fresh pea pods from my parents' garden and my dad never minded that none of them made it to the table.  He reckoned that as long as we ate them he didn't care where or when.  I'm afraid not many of these made it to my table!!

These potatoes are the Charlotte variety. Tasty cooked and eaten hot and tasty cold in salads or fried with eggs for brunch.  We emptied the potato bags and got a decent crop of them despite the shaws being broken down for  the last week or two.  I boiled up a big pot for a family BBQ at the weekend and have been using up the leftovers since then.

Leftover piece of steak chopped up and stir fried with some leftover sweetcorn and a handful of frozen stir fry veggies.  (Rice from the bargain sack!!)

Eggs, fried potatoes and beans for brunch.

Rest of leftover steak stir fried with peas, leftover rice and the last egg in the fridge!
3 easy tasty meals using up leftovers (some deliberate and some unplanned) but more importantly they were super quick to make.

As the weather has been kind for outdoor painting I managed to finish the exterior painting.  I'm really pleased how it's turned out.  It just looks fresher and less 'granny brown' :-)  I used about half a tin of paint which works out at £15.  That's my kind of makeover!

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