Saturday, 19 July 2014

Slow progress

Looking at the comments it would seem we all agree housework is bad for your health!! Thankfully I'm on holiday as I really don't know how I'd cope with being at work all day while I'm like this.  I have been able to do stuff but v-e-r-y slowly. 

I did a little bit of free shopping with my M&S vouchers.  I use their credit card (paid off every month) and accumulate vouchers to spend.  I had £12 this quarter so got some store cupboard basics.  Mainly 10 tins of beans as the Teenager loves bean burgers so I'm going to make some to freeze.  I'm also trying to encourage him to eat more beany/vegetable stews once the cooler weather starts.  I also picked up some tofu.  I like a certain brand of marinaded tofu but it's rather expensive so will have a go at doing it myself.  There's a wee bag of walnuts (OH's favourite) and some stock powder too.  All free to me just cos I use their credit card.

It's been a nice sunny week here so I managed some exterior painting. OH did all the sanding down and prepping so I was able to just paint.  This is the cladding under my living room windows.  It was a nasty brown.  So this is the first coat.

And this is the second coat.  It'll need a third but as it's raining today it'll have to wait.  I also had a roofer repair my ridge tiles and he's put black 'plastic' tiles along the edge of the front and back.  You can just see them in this pic.  Hopefully my roof is now watertight.

It feels like I'm slowly starting to make my mark on this house :-)


  1. Just popped in to say hello; discovered your blog through Our New Life in the Country. It sounds like you've been on quite a journey this past couple of years! Kudos to you for where you are today.

  2. It's nice to make your mark on a new home isn't it, and getting it watertight is pretty important.

    Love your storecupboard basics from M&S, I'm just about to use my last £15 voucher to top up on fresh stuff. I use mine like you do and pay it all off every month, it's the only sensible way, that way you are at least 'getting something for nothing'.


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