Thursday, 10 July 2014


Well, since my last post I've achieved absolutely nothing on my list of jobs except get an almost perfectly clean bathroom.  Last Saturday I decided to deep clean my bathroom.  I spent nearly 2 hours giving it the shiny treatment including scrubbing the tiles in the shower with a toothbrush and bleach.  I had almost finished cleaning when I leant over the tub to give it a final polish when my back went PING!!!

I know I have a bad back (teenage years as a gymnast) and am very good at pacing myself and being very careful when lifting things.  But every now and then it goes completely and nothing seems to 'fix' it.

*sighs*  I'm not a patient patient.  Housework can seriously damage your health.

PS 99p ski jacket did the job.  Discovered a loose Velcro strap and zip pull missing but all fixable :-)


  1. Oh dear, that's awful. I suffer with a bad back, and now have to actually get into the bath to clean it as leaning and twisting seem to set it off. Cleaning windows is another difficult task as I tend to move my back from side to side as well as my arm!

  2. Back sufferer here as well. The last time it went I just couldn't move, hubby rang an ambulance and the ladies laughed when they saw me with my legs up in the air while laying on the bed. They said I looked like the picture on the front of a bug can....... swines!

    I do believe mine was caused by housework as well, let's ban it x

  3. Ouch! I do feel for you, I did much the same thing six weeks or so ago and it is only just beginning to feel normal again, the longest it's ever taken to recover. Take it easy and no stretching (or housework)!

  4. Housework should indeed be banned, it's dangerous to health!!

    I hope you soon feel better. xx


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