Sunday, 14 September 2014


So, yet another few hectic weeks at school.  Fingers crossed the worst is over now (benchmark assessments, termly plans and Meet the Teacher meetings) and some sort of normality will return. Healthy eating and exercise seem to have gone walkabout!! That will be remedied this coming week!
Thanks to my allotment being unusable this season (combination of late tenancy, mix up with sending emails to my work address during the school holidays and not getting a key for the gate) I'm only using what my 2 wee raised beds have produced.  These are my onions raised from sets that cost just 99p in Lidl.  And very nice they are too!

Today I had a big batch cooking session that resulted in a big pot of veg soup (bendy carrots, a sad pepper, lentils and tomatoes), chilli mince with some of the above onions and free kidney beans, chicken pieces marinated in tamari, lemon juice and honey (2 x 1kg for £6 frozen British chicken breasts from Sainburys), some roast veggies in balsamic vinegar (also a frozen bag deal) and a gluten free loaf.

Not the best photo but it's really yummy!

Normally I wouldn't use a mix but this one has no additives as well as being gluten and dairy free.  It's lovely the day it's made but doesn't last.  So I tried freezing it in chunky slices with success!  So for a few hours effort I've got soup and crusty bread for my lunches at work, chicken for several nights meals (probably stir fries) and chilli for another 2 nights.  I like feeling this organised and it didn't cost much.

This is not a political blog and under normal circumstances I wouldn't comment (and feel free to skip the next bit) but this is a very big week here in Scotland.  I have friends on both sides of the independence referendum and have seen some nasty squabbles from both sides.  I'm not in the business of trying to convert people to my viewpoint and respect those who will be voting No on Thursday.

Yes, it will be scary.  I know I'll probably have to pay more tax, food prices may go up and we may lose the right to use the pound.  But 1 in 5 people in Scotland are living in poverty.  I have children in my class who come to school hungry. I had a brief brush with money worries but I always knew they were temporary.  For many that is their permanent future with no way out and that is just wrong.  At our heart we are a socialist nation and don't just vote for what puts more money in our own pockets.

So, on Thursday I'm voting Yes.  Such a small word that could change history :-)


  1. From across the pond,

    As a substitute teacher, I have seen this too.

    " I have children in my class who come to school hungry. "

    I've seen them come to school hungry, not have enough food at lunch and still be hungry, and be turned away from the lunch in the cafeteria because they had no way to pay.

    This year our schools rcve a grant which allows all children to receive free breakfast and lunch. I am soooo happy for that!!

    BTW, your onions are lovely. :)

  2. I'm in England and I am hoping that whatever the result on Thursday that those in government at Westminster have learned that a Londoncentric nation leaves all of us in the regions (wherever we are in the UK) feeling resentful and excluded from the decision making process. I live in an inner city and see poverty, poor job prospects and social deprivation. The disproportionate growing wealth and opportunity in the South of England are a long way from those experienced by the rest of the country. Hopefully whatever happens on Thursday some positive changes will emerge for all of us!

  3. I have a question about your vote. I live in the USA and wondered how if Scotland leaves,
    and the cost of food will go up, how will that help the people in poverty live better. Thanks, I really am interested. Cheryl

  4. Good question!

    No one really knows if food prices will rise. Those in the No camp claim that supermarkets will have increased costs associated with stuff like corporation tax which will be passed on to consumers. However when asked directly, the big supermarkets claim they will aim to remain competitive which includes keeping costs down.

    Those living below the poverty line will benefit because people like me will be paying higher taxes. This will get passed on to those who need it through the benefit system. We already have stuff like free prescriptions and free university tuition (England doesn't), free nursery places for children under 5, free personal care for the elderly etc From January 2015 all Scottish school children in P1 to P3 (Kindergarten to 2nd Grade) will receive a free school lunch regardless of family income. The Scottish government already have the power to do all this and more, we just don't have the money as we give it to the UK government who redistribute it. With independence comes tax raising powers and the ability to spend it without Westminster approval.

    Blimey!! Not like me to get political but I feel quite strongly about this :-)

  5. Thank you for your answer. As long as people are nice, I see no reason not to give
    your point of view. Cheryl


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