Sunday 31 August 2014

A quick year!!

A year ago tonight I spent the last night in my old life.  How quickly that year has passed!  I haven't done all the things I set out to do when I moved into this 'sensible' house but when I look back at my year I have achieved so much. 
I have a job I love even though I am so stressed atm with the new term (2 weeks in so far hence the lack of blogging!!) I have saved a sensible amount of money that has allowed me to have a nice holiday in Orkney and to do some essential maintenance/repairs to my home.  I am going to a special family wedding in Singapore in November and do not need to rely on credit cards to do so.  Ok, I get a family rate with Hilton as my middle son works for them but I am so lucky I am able to afford the flights for me and The Teenager to see a very special event.
My wee back garden has been producing courgettes by the dozen so luckily I love courgette soup!!

I am so disappointed with my tomatoes.  They've grown but have absolutely no flavour  Varieties are Ailsa Craig, Moneymaker and Russian Krim :-(  I had to pick them green as the plants were dying off.  They've ripened in the bowl but are still tasteless.

A recent family dinner left me with a few extra veggies that I turned into soup.

I'm loving the wee cartons of Alpro cream.  They really make a difference to dishes and as they have  a proper screw lid last for ages in the fridge!
Today I made a batch of soup from some bendy carrots at the bottom of my fridge.  That's this week's lunches at school sorted!!

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  1. Hello just found your interesting blog and have enjoyed reading through it. As well as sharing the same first name as you I also work in education so you have my sympathy as I know how utterly exhausting a day at the chalk face can be. The soup looks fab, great idea for left overs. Not too long until half term!!!


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