Friday, 17 October 2014

How I spent my holiday

I can't believe how quickly this week has flown by.  I've achieved some things but not as much as I wanted.  Plum and apple chutney is lovely.  Once I find my labels I'll put them away.

A before shot of the ceiling.  So far it's taken 4 coats of white paint to cover the pine

And a ready to paint newly plastered wall.
Unfortunately I've managed to put my back out this morning so no finished shots yet.  But I'm nearly done! Seems DIY has the same effect on me as housework

I had a big delivery from Approved Foods yesterday.  Best deal was definitely the case of 16 cartons of chopped tomatoes for 49p.  I got lots of pasta (for the Teenager), GF sauces, mixed herbs, dried fruits, onion bhaji mix, rice crackers and 4.5kg of porridge oats.  All ok for me on my GF and dairy free regime.

I also got lots of drinks for the Teenager.  This is his 'drinks fridge' (it's the fridge part of my black fridge freezer!) He likes a variety of stuff so this lot should keep him going for ages.  If he drinks it all within a week then he can just drink water for the rest of the month!!

I do love Approved Food.  This lot cost me £45, full prices would have added up to £104.  I just need to get my big store cupboard reorganised now.


  1. Your tiles look fab - look forward to seeing it finished x

  2. Wow! Big difference. Love the pine ceiling *have a few of those myself* and they need painting too. Hope your back is better soon.

  3. You have been busy, I would like to try making chutneys this year so will be on the lookout for easy recipes.
    Love seeing people's approved food orders as we have nothing that cheap available in Australia.

  4. I quite liked the pine ceiling but my kitchen is small and north facing so painting it white has both lightened the room and made it feel bigger.

  5. I only looked once on approved food maybe I need to give it another look. You got quite a haul! xx

  6. A brilliant AF shop!!

    Pine ceilings do make a room dark don't they, they seem to suck all the daylight out of them, I bet it feels much better now it's white.


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