Saturday, 18 October 2014

The (anti) Shopping List

I saw this on FB and immediately thought yes, this is what I'm trying to do!  I say trying because I'm not perfect and this is the real world.
Next month the Teenager and I have a family wedding to attend.  In Singapore! This is going to cost me a small fortune in air fares (already paid for) and hotel costs (all coming from my savings). I've had to get special permission from the Director of Education of my local council to take time off work.  I've been given 5 days of unpaid leave. Luckily my middle son works for Hilton so I get their family rate but it's still a lot of money.  But while there are some things you just have to spend a lot of money on, there are areas where you can use the anti shopping list principles.
Remember the last wedding I attended?  Well, so far my wedding outfit has cost me nothing.  I have a beautiful Hobbs pink silk dress I've owned for about 10 years but never worn *insert embarrassed face* I'm borrowing cream sparkly shoes and matching handbag from my lovely mum.  All ideal for a warmer climate than Scotland.  I might borrow or search the charity shops for a wrap or stole.
I've also borrowed a few summer dresses for some of the wedding events.  Family and friends are flying in from all over the world so there will be lots of get togethers.
The Teenager has a nice jacket and shirt but he might need to get some trousers.  I'm hoping I can persuade him to wear his school trousers (they're black ones anyway) He definitely needs shoes.
Luckily he's on holiday now so will go shopping for them himself :-)


  1. Enjoy your time in Singapore. We were there for a wedding five years ago. Not every year your husband is asked to be best man (for the first time at age 62) at a marriage celebrated by the Archbishop of Singapore. Lovely city to visit with lots to do. The Botanical gardens are superb and the zoo is a good visit for all ages. The butterfly garden at the airport is beautiful too.
    You'll only need your winter clothes for to and from the British airport!!
    Helen in France

  2. Exciting! You'll have such a great time :)


  3. Your wedding will be a fantastic trip and family time for you! I hope that you and the teenager have a really lovely trip. :)

    Those AP foods are great bargains too! My teenagers would love that fridge...alas, wouldn't last em a month though �� x


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