Thursday, 18 December 2014

Gluten free sausages for free

Finally got round to using my M&S vouchers.  I had £11 this time (previous voucher goodies) Next time I should have a lot more as I paid for the Singapore flights and hotels using my M&S card.  As long as I clear the balance every month (and I do!) I stay debt free and collect my vouchers :-)

I got sausages.  Not just any old sausages.  Look closely and you'll see the gluten free logo on the front :-)   I didn't know that M&S sausages and burgers are gluten free.  My eldest DS says they're ALL GF but I need to confirm that.  Certainly everything I looked at was GF.

So, that's the chipolatas for Christmas Day meal sorted.  3 of us eat GF and the rest eat whatever I put in front of them ;-)


  1. I used to buy a particular M&S sausage years ago that was listed in the Coeliac Handbook. Now that daughter has grown and flown the nest I have no need for GF foods, but it would be great to know if their sausages and burgers are GF for future visits!

  2. It's always worth paying for larger items on your M&S card if you can afford to pay it off in full each month. The rewards vouchers are really worth it for stocking up on free luxury foods. You just can't beat luxury for free can you :-)

    We had saved up for a new to us car, but we paid for it on my M&S card and managed to get loads of vouchers, in fact they sent them to us split over two voucher deliveries as there were so many.

    We're hoping to pay for a good chunk of our current house renovations on the card too as the builder has very obligingly had all the building supplies bills made out in our name so we can pay them on the card and then pay him separately in cash. Suits us both.