Wednesday, 17 December 2014

More Sainsburys bargains

I had to go Sainsbury's to collect a prescription and just happened to get there as the yellow stickers appeared.  Broccoli and a wee rosemary plant reduced to 10p :-)

Also came home to a voucher in the post tonight that seems to be ok to use on a normal shop.  So another wee saving!


  1. I got one of the coupons too. I have looked and looked but there doesn't seem to be a minimum spend? Great if that right x

  2. Nurture that Rosemary and it will be with you for years. What a bargain!!

  3. Yep, there doesn't seem to be a catch Fran. Will find out next week when I use it!!

    I'll do my best Sue, I'm not that successful with indoor plants tbh!! But will try to keep it alive until it can go outside :-)