Monday 9 February 2015

I do love yellow stickers!

Quick photo post with recent yellow stickers!  Apricots reduced to 20p a punnet (originally £3.50!!)

They made a lovely apricot sponge.  My usual sponge recipe but using GF flour and some extra soya milk.  Very tasty and no one commented on the lack of dairy and gluten ;-)

I also picked up 2 packs of premium smoked mackerel, 2 packs of premium beef burgers, 2 sirloin steaks and unsalted butter (all in the freezer now) and an apple tart for the Teenager (now inside him!!)

2 GF fruity loaves and a couple of mangoes

But these were the best bargain of all. Jars of mincemeat reduced to 5p!!!! Use by date not until the summer so they were obviously just trying to get rid of them.  I suspect they'll be used in an apple crumbly type recipe.  That's a few hours lost in Pinterest then looking for inspiration!!
I've got one more day at work (no kids, staff development) then it's half term.  Just 3 days but I'm aiming to get my kitchen ready for a final reveal.  Finally!!

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