Thursday, 12 February 2015

Purple sprouting broccoli!

Today I was making a cock-a-leekie type of soup and went out to my raised beds to pull up some leeks.  And I found some purple sprouting broccoli!!! I am so thrilled as the young plants were decimated by caterpillars to a skeletal level.  I left them in without any hope of them producing anything.  They are teeny tiny but when I pick the 4(!) stalks I will savour every mouthful.  I'm one of those weird people who LOVES broccoli, it's my favourite veg :-)

And here are my leeks.  I'm Scottish, we eat the whole leek not just the white part!!

Washed, chopped and ready to add to my soup 

But this was the highlight of my day.  OH has removed the end kitchen cabinet to install a DISHWASHER!! In the past a washing machine must have been there as there is power and a waste pipe.  Fingers crossed it's up and running by the weekend :-)

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  1. Those pesky critters sure love broccoli and kale! Also glad to see that none of the leeks go to waste. Loving your blog, be back soon!


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