Friday, 20 February 2015

It's the little things...

OH took out a cupboard (yuck at that wall!!)

He installed this much waited for appliance (it will need a matching door to make it integrated)

I know it's a luxury but I've really missed not having one for the last 18 months.  I did my research (it's a Beko DW603) and got the best price I could.  I've actually had it a few weeks but we hit a big problem with the drain from the kitchen sink.  Thank goodness OH loves problem solving and it cost us £10 for a gadget that has a 10 m 'snake' to clean out the drain. I did book a Dynorod appt but that would have cost £100+ so got cancelled and OH did some research. Long story short, now it's working!
My teeny wee kitchen will look much better with the dirty dishes hidden away instead of piled up on the worktop.  It's the little things that make me happy :-)


  1. I would not do without my dishwasher. You can not wash up in the same hot water that a dishwasher does, and it saves you time and clears your worktops. Enjoy.

  2. I've never had a dishwasher, well I have in rented properties but I've never used them. But I can see your point about having all the dirty dishes hidden from view. It will make for a much neater kitchen.

  3. Sue, I've not done the research myself but I've been told that a dishwasher uses less water when you're doing lots of dishes. I always use the Eco setting so that makes me feel less guilty

  4. The one time we were about to use one in a rented property we realised that for the two of us we simply did not have enough pots and pans to wait for there to be a full load. We neatly stacked it throughout the day and then ran out of cups to have our coffees from before we had washed the others.

    Although after the party yesterday it would have been a godsend to have one ;-)


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