Sunday, 26 April 2015

Doors and potatoes

Decorating inspiration comes from all sorts of places.  This morning I was doing my bit for the Green Party's election efforts.  After last year's referendum many people in Scotland including me decided to become more involved in politics and became members of a party.  My friend's hubby is our local MP candidate for Westminster.  He's a Green local councillor and has been an MSP in the past.  I believe in him and was happy to put newsletters through doors. 
So I spent a pleasant morning legitimately having a good look at other people's front doors and gardens in a lovely posh part of the city.  I would love to paint my own front door purple (it's really a side door so isn't actually seen from the street) so I was looking at all the doors in order to see what colours people like. Mostly white, black, a few reds and some blue.  No one had purple!! ;-)
My door is sort of shaped like the one above so it's given me an idea of how it would look.  I just think it would make people smile when they came to my door.  OH thinks I'm bonkers but I'm making this house as neutral coloured as possible with bright/quirky accessories so that when I come to sell it will appeal to as many people as possible (channelling my inner Kirstie and Phil!!)

Then in the kitchen this afternoon I've started cooking up the massive bag of potatoes.  I made more rosti but yet again they were eaten before I could get the camera out!!  I made 2 different batches of stuffed cheesy baked potatoes, one with goats cheese and Pure spread for me.
Next task of the day is to make a big pot of mash :-)


  1. I love that door....purple's my favourite colour. That bag of spuds must be the bargain of the month.

  2. I love purple too and I think you should go for it! My old house was a Victorian terrace with a six panel door and I chose to paint it dark green, only because it was a neutral and safe colour. The new door on my cottage will be cottage style and probably chartwell green. Bargain bag of spuds, well done!

  3. And I'm not even halfway through them yet!!

    Good to see my purple leanings appeal to others ;-)

  4. I once painted our front door a bright Paprika and LOVED it. It made me happy every day. Paint the door the color you want and let the next owner paint it whatever they want. Life is too short to decorate for others.

  5. I'd never thought of purple for a door, but that one looks fab, especially with it's colour co coordinating hanging basket :) I've used purple indoors, in fact most of the cushions in the lounge are purple to go with the light green walls. Cheese filled potatoes, now I am hungry!