Saturday, 25 April 2015

Staying healthy

I work hard at staying healthy.  Women in my family tend to put on weight as they get older and there's a history of strokes, heart attacks and cancer.  Like most mothers there was a period where I didn't look after myself as well as I should and put everyone else first.  Now my health (and my weight!) is my priority.  But why is it so easy to put on weight during a holiday even when I'm busy and active and did loads of outdoor activities??  Over the Easter holiday I put on 2kg!!!! 
So it's back to stricter eating and more exercise *sighs*
I've been eyeing up Nutribullets for a while so was pleased when I saw an offer of free p&p, a free recipe book and £10 off the retail price.  And the Teenager was keen as he drinks a lots of protein shakes and smoothies, so I splashed out.
It doesn't look appetising(!) but really was rather nice.  Spinach, banana, blueberries and walnuts all smooshed up. All good healthy stuff.  I had it for breakfast after my run.
I find it's always easier to lose weight in the summer as I can do more outside running and cycling but I do love my food.  So it's time to be creative with salads again. :-)

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