Sunday, 10 May 2015


I've spent yet another day clearing and sorting through 'stuff' and trying to be ruthless about getting rid of it.  I'm working on the basis if I've not used it since I moved in 18 months ago then I definitely don't need it. 

It's not easy but I'm determined to keep going. Even if it's just one wee box at a time.  I've set myself the target of the end of the school summer holiday (mid August) to finally have less stuff.


  1. Isn't it incredibly difficult ? Some time ago, I jumped at the chance of doing a carboot sale with a neighbour next Sunday as I know I've got lots of things I don't use and now, I'm struggling to put some stuff together; it seems it's hard to part even with things of no interest to you !

  2. Have you heard of Marie Kondo and the incredible life changing magic of tidying? (or v similar!) The concept is that we only keep joyful things and discard the rest. It's very liberating - it in effect gives permission to get rid of presents which we don't really like, clothes which we bought because 'they'll do', a stockpile of things which we feel guilty about.... It's not about minimalism (someone may get joy from owning 50 pairs of shoes, another from 5) - it's about only surrounding yourself with joy. You work category by category (starting with clothes and ending with sentimental items) and it's very popular! :D

  3. Yes, I've started her book but not got to the nitty gritty bit yet!

    1. Once you're past the exam season, it's worth spending time to read it and start off as she says with clothes and then move on - I suspect you may get hooked :D

  4. I feel like that myself with some boxes. I am tempted to leave the boxes sealed and then just give them away with out looking in them... Good luck with the decluttering.

  5. Gosh you're just like me, still sorting out even after moving house. I kept getting cross with myself for having brought stuff with us but then I thought 'don't be cross just do something about it' and then I really got stuck in.

    It's liberating isn't it, and Marie's book really helps.

  6. I was forced into getting rid of masses of stuff, belongings, furniture last year when we moved house. We'd been in that house for 15 years and accumulated A LOT of stuff. I have found it liberating to have less stuff and things and now I keep finding myself getting rid of more, deciding that if I didn't uses things for 15 years in the last house it has no need to be here. Good luck with your project. In the end you end up with the things you love, treasure and mean something. Before, they were lost in stuff :)

  7. I've recently moved house and have got rid of a lot of stuff. I found it incredibly cathartic, and feel so much better for it. I sold a lot of it on ebay though so the money helps with the liberating feeling! Good luck with your clearout!