Friday, 19 June 2015

A great big hole

This is the current view from my window.  Last Saturday afternoon we had a massive power cut.  It lasted about 6 hours.  A power cable exploded apparently.  The surge in power knocked out my router and so I've had no internet for a week.  Very annoying especially as BT sent a replacement router that somehow was delivered to the wrong address.  When I got home tonight from work a second replacement had arrived and I managed to get us reconnected.

Clearly the power problem has not been completely sorted out yet hence the large hole in my neighbour's garden and half the road sectioned off.  It's making getting in and out of my driveway a bit tricky!  Every night I come home from work and have to reset clocks etc as the power gets switched off when they're working on it.

In other news , my job interview is on Monday at 9am.  If you can send any positive vibes my way I'd be hugely grateful.  Even thinking about it makes my stomach lurch.

I'm off to support OH and his daughter in the Tough Mudder challenge this weekend.  Basically a half marathon run through mud, water and electricity.  They're mad!!


  1. Yes its madness. Sit on the sidelines and grab a wine if I were you. Your neighbours must be maddened about that mess. Who's paying to make their garden good? BT?

  2. Fingers crossed for Monday xxxx