Friday, 24 July 2015

Cheese, please!

My gorgeous OH knows the way to my heart!  Returning from a trip down south he stopped at Tebay Services where they have a lovely food hall and got me some lovely sheep's cheeses.  And balsamic pickled onions!  Yum!!!

Simple pleasures :-)


  1. Ah - the glorious Tebay :) Love it there! Sheep's cheese is my very favourite, I brought a huge chunk of the Swaledale when I was there last. They run the shop at Rheged too. I've found a localish producer to me too - Cairnsmore made by Galloway Farmhouse Cheeses in Sorbie; I can get it delivered from the farm shop :) They do a lovley smoked version too. I love using sheep's cheese in cooking, it really does take it to another level. Enjoy your cheeses, great present :) x

  2. Tebay .... the BEST services EVER!!

    We always stop there if we're passing. I believe they've opened another service station on the M5 but I've never been through that way to check it out.

  3. We always stop at Tebay going south and home again, love it, especially the cheese, and the pies and and and :)


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