Thursday, 23 July 2015

More cooking from the store cupboard

I found 2 wee jars of Thai curry paste recently when I was de cluttering my store cupboard.  I must have bought them in Lidl when they were on a special deal ages ago as I don't remember actually buying them!  I've always got coconut milk and there was some fish sauce lurking in there with some palm sugar in the fridge.

ETA the beer is a GF one my lovely mum bought me.  Rather nice but v expensive!!

I fried some onions and peppers (from the freezer) and added the curry paste.  I added the coconut milk, a splash of fish sauce and a dollop of palm sugar.  I let it simmer for 20 mins while I cooked some rice.

I found some cooked chicken thighs in the freezer so defrosted them and added some to the sauce.  I served it over brown rice.  Twas rather tasty and not too shabby for a store cupboard dinner!
My 3 chickens are still alive (PHEW!!) although they're rather shy and keep hiding from me.  Early days though :-)


  1. Mmmm...that looks gorgeous, Ali. OH refuses anything with coconut in it whether milk or otherwise so I wonder if it would work without it?

  2. I'd try it with stock instead of coconut milk and simmer until it's thickened then add some cream. Thai spices work well with coconut so no idea how it would work without it. Worth a try though!