Monday, 6 July 2015

Week 1 - day 1

So day 1 started off with having to deal with massive stains on my bedroom curtains!  Yesterday morning I opened all my bedroom windows as it was such a lovely morning.  And then forgot all about them being open all day including during the very heavy rain storms!! The water soaked through the old wooden windowsills and then stained my curtains.  It looked like someone had thrown several cups of tea over them.  I scrubbed the stains with warm water and liquid soap then put them in the washing machine.  And crossed my fingers!  Luckily they came out okay.  I've still to rehang them but they look like they haven't shrunk much.  PHEW!!
The Teenager helped me in the garden for a while removing weeds and generally tidying up.  I'm aiming to spend an hour a day on this boring but necessary stuff.
In addition to normal housework/dog walking/gym tasks, this week's to do list consists of
  • Make doctor, dentist and optician appointments for me
  • Phone chicken person to arrange collection
  • Book driving lesson for The Teenager
  • Store cupboard and freezer inventory
  • 1 hour of weeding and tidying back garden daily
  • Deep clean both bathrooms
  • Supermarket basics shopping
  • Get sewing machine serviced
  • Take dress to alterations place
I'm taking my time to deep clean the bathrooms as last summer I tried to do it all at once and put my back out.  Lesson learned!

I did a full stocktake of my cupboards and freezers.  There's a lot of good food in there! And I only threw out 2 packs of tofu that were waaaay out of date so rather pleased with myself.  This month we're eating from what's already in the kitchen so I planned a small basics shop.  Of course I can't pass on a good yellow sticker and picked up some reduced salmon fillets.  Getting my omega quota in ;-)
I baked them in a whisky marinade I got when we went away at Easter and served them on corn couscous and some frozen mixed veg.  Twas very nice!  Frugal gourmet grub at its best.
Making phone calls is tomorrow's priority.

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