Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Week 1 - day 3

Despite The Teenager being a lifelong vegetarian I've never made a meatless bolognaise sauce.  That got remedied tonight with some store cupboard and freezer items.  The green lentils were a tad out of date (!) but dried stuff lasts for ages (and technically Lea and Perrins isn't veggie but he tolerates it in some stuff)
Cooked down into a lovely sauce
I had some on GF pasta
Then sprinkled some goats cheese on the top.  Really, really tasty! :-)
Slow progress on the list but I'm getting there:
  • Make doctor, dentist and optician appointments for me
  • Phone chicken person to arrange collection
  • Book driving lesson for The Teenager
  • Store cupboard and freezer inventory
  • 1 hour of weeding and tidying back garden daily
  • Deep clean both bathrooms
  • Supermarket basics shopping
  • Get sewing machine serviced
  • Take dress to alterations place
Today I spent a whole afternoon cleaning and tidying my eldest DS's flat.  He has ME so finds it difficult to cope with normal house stuff.  Boy, do I ache now!  The Teenager and I had to carry a king size mattress and divan base down 3 flights of stairs to get uplifted by the council.
It's still rather wet here so not had a decent spell of weather to spend in the garden but have been doing wee bits and pieces.  My neighbour is away on holiday so I can use his brown bin to get rid of some garden stuff next week. 


  1. Have you ever heard of Henderson's Relish? It's along the lines of woosterchooster sauce but without the anchovy so it's vegetarian.

  2. Oooo, not seen that one before. Will investigate :-)

    1. I use a Biona copy of Lea and Perrins, which tastes just the same and is veggie :-)

  3. Enjoy your long holiday, I made lists when I took 8 months off from last Nov and never got them all done, I survive by lists, but there is always something far more interesting to do than the boring jobs on the list ;)


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