Saturday, 19 September 2015

More on the work/life balance

So yesterday I had my annual PRD (Professional Record of Development) meeting with my head teacher.  This is to go over last year's aims and set out the coming year's aims. She is more than happy with what I set out to achieve and we've set out some interesting professional challenges for me this session.  One of which I'm really excited about.

She also went over my plans for the term and said they were 'excellent.'  She also asked if I could work with the new members of staff and use my plans to help them with their planning.  She acknowledged that I have a difficult class but said I'm 'working wonders' with a particularly difficult pupil's challenging behaviours.

Whilst I'm happy that she likes what I'm doing I still don't get why she doesn't think I'm good enough to do the job on a permanent basis.

So, I've applied for 2 new jobs, both permanent.  One is full time and walkable from my front door.  The other is 3 days a week in a wee village school 10 miles away, with the opportunity to do some extra days.  Working full time gives me a good salary to save and do work on the house but the reduced hours one would give me back some work/life balance albeit with less income.  I could do my craft related money earners and have time to myself.

Of course, I may not even get an interview for either job.  Competition for permanent teaching posts is stiff.  But I'm being pro active and hoping that something pays off soon.  Really soon!


  1. Good luck, I hope it works out for you. xx

  2. Both jobs sound good for the different reasons you say - keeping everything crossed for you;-)

  3. Sending you positive thoughts. (I originally said good luck but I'm sure luck has nothing to do with it!!) Personally I'd take the 3 days a week every time but whatever comes along I'm sure you'll cope.

  4. Good luck with both jobs. Maybe, being offered even one of those jobs might shock your current employer into doing something to recognize your work. I think you get to a certain stage in your life when you want to slow down (I know I have got there). I hesitated for so long about whether or not to ask for 80% work so in the end I just went straight in and asked my boss. Guess what, he said no. He is so against part-time work as we have a very heavy workload. So now at least I know and can stop going over and over it in my mind. Without asking I would still be torturing myself about it. For visa/permit reasons I can't change employer (nor would I want to - they are excellent) but just to slow down would be wonderful. So either way, I wish you luck and hope you get offered BOTH jobs (and then you can take your pick). Good luck. Anna

  5. Good luck with your applications. It is always a difficult problem to get the work/life balance sorted. We are currently working about 6-7 months a year but this is borderline to allow us to travel throughout the winter, and it does mean we have very little choice about where we go and a very limited budget throughout the year. Whilst this is no problem for a year or two, it does restrict us with our more extravagant plans which I do not want to always go without. I am sure in your case you will know what to do when the time comes!

  6. Keeping everything crossed for you, both sound good for different reasons :)