Saturday, 17 October 2015

Clothes clear out

When my environment is cluttered and untidy I feel stressed.  I get overwhelmed and end up doing nothing because I just don't know where to start.  Yesterday I took a long hard look at my home and thought 'Where do I start?'  There were clothes everywhere.  I hang clothes to dry from my open stair case (less ironing required), I have a clothes dryer (we call it a clothes horse here in Scotland, is that universal??)  There were clothes drying on the radiators.  I had piles of clothes in my bedroom (all clean I hasten to add) Basically clothes everywhere!   And I'm really not that into fashion or what's trendy.  So, I decided they were a good starting point.  Using the 6 rules above I ruthlessly decluttered my wardrobe.
See, ruthless!!  Using Pinterest as inspiration I worked out what my work uniform consists of and got rid of everything that didn't fit into that category.  For work I usually wear a dress with a cardigan over it, thick tights in winter and flat shoes/boots. None of my dresses are expensive (usually eBay stuff) and are all machine washable (essential when working with small kids!) I kept a couple of pencil skirts and white blouses and a good pair of black trousers.  Everything else went! 

It's a very odd collection of clothes, some impulse purchases on eBay that didn't fit/suit or free stuff from my mum.  I'll be donating it all to the charity shop The Teenager works in.  Next task is my casual wear.

On the food front, I 'decluttered' my 2 freezers and made an inventory that is now stuck to the side of the fridge/freezer.  I've asked The Teenager to score out what he uses so we can keep a track.  There was so much food in there I could feed a family of 4 for a month easily!!  Both need defrosted so I want to run them down and give them a good clean out.  I also scored another huge 7.5kg bag of potatoes for 70p.  So far we've had roast potatoes last night with pulled beef from the freezer.  Might make some rosti today, they went down well the last time.  Chutney is also on today's plan.  Trying to get ahead for Christmas there ;-)


  1. We have de-cluttered and it is great, room to move about and less choice makes a simpler life. We also don't go into town each Saturday to purchase stuff we really don't need. We have tried to give up 'want' for 'need'

  2. All good positive stuff! And the freezer will provide lots of free meals - always good at this time of year:)

  3. Your clothes horse made me laugh! We have a clothes dryer and a clothes horse is someone either with a lot of clothes or someone who is very particular about their clothes. :)

    Great job cleaning out!

  4. Good sort out, by the look of things. I've just put my summer clothes away, but most of them went to the CS as I either didn't wear them this year, or they were too big as I've lost a couple of stone. I am now going to cull my winter stuff as well ,also the coat hangers too, or I will feel the need to buy stuff to hang on them. Lol

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  6. My problem with clothes is that I have a vision in my head of what I should look like and buy clothes for that vision, for example I have about 10 floaty skirts which I imagine I'll look all bohemian in. I don't and as I hate wearing tights I don't wear them very often and live in jeans, I want to be the vision in my head though so I can't part with the skirts!! I nearly bought some cowboy boots today on the strength of my vision - reality stepped in to stop me before I could press PAY though lol.