Sunday, 18 October 2015

Playing with fruit


Remember the blackcurrant gin? Well it's now strained and bottled so I used the gin soaked blackcurrants to make Blackcurrant Gin Jam.  Just 2 and a bit wee jars so a proper gourmet batch of jam.  Tastes lovely, no gin flavour as such but definitely a slight tang of aromatics.  They're already earmarked for someone's Christmas hamper ;-)  I like the idea of giving something that you can't buy in the shops.
This batch is gooseberries in vodka (the gooseberries from my lovely mum's garden were in my freezer). Same method, 1lb of fruit, 1lb of sugar and 1 bottle of vodka.  The sugar is nearly dissolved already so once it's all gone I'll pop it in the cupboard for 2 months.  Just in time for Christmas!  Then I'll make Gooseberry Vodka Jam.
I love the idea of getting 2 different foodie gifts from the fruit :-)

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  1. Mustn't waste anything - especially with alcohol in! I've got various gin/vodka brews on the go, so will be making a mixed jam - looking forward to it! x


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