Saturday, 24 October 2015

Winter is coming when...'s the last episode of Gardeners' World, my Friday night pleasure.  Monty Don is my all time favourite presenter, I've admired him since his Fork to Fork days.  However, my garden looks nothing like his!!

The view from above (The Teenager's bedroom to be precise)  That's Ginger and Penny mooching about.  I spent a couple of hours tidying up getting ready for winter.

I spent ages scraping moss and weeds from between the pavers (you can see the difference on the right?)  Very satisfying once it's done but dull, dull, dull!  I moved all the big pots and gave it all a thorough scrub.  I think I'll take them away completely next year.  It makes the paved area look bigger without them.  The garden is small enough with the double extension taking up a good third so any tricks to improve the visual size is good.

My veg plot hasn't really worked.  A few leeks are surviving but it's not really how I imagined it.  I'm thinking next year I'll put a wee polytunnel in there and remove the whirlygig (rotary dryer!!)  It gets the sun in the afternoon and evening.  I could grow tomatoes and peppers properly again.  Will think about that.

When I was cleaning out the chooks I was aware of being watched!  This is Doogie, the Burmese who lives next door in his favourite spot.  I'm sure he's trying to work out how to get into the run!!


  1. I will miss Monty as well, I like his style. We too have a small garden and our veg did not do too well, I think the weather did not help.

  2. Yep, weather was pants! I'm more and more convinced a wee polytunnel is the answer to our Scottish summers

  3. Am getting to grips with mine slowly! Not a wonderful year for veg here either, but I did get a few bits, which pleased me greatly :) Fruit did better. Caught up with the last GW tonight, he's the best presenter since Geoff Hamilton I think. Carol Klein can be a bit irksome though, she used to be ok but has turned into a sort of charica
    ture of herself now, shame, she's a real plantswoman.


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