Monday, 5 October 2015

Eggs, flying and doors

A random collection of thoughts today!
My chickens seem to be thriving!  On the left is a huge egg laid yesterday morning!! It weighs 102g!  Most of my other eggs weigh around 60-65g.  They enjoy free ranging/trashing my wee back garden and get fed organic layers pellets and a handful of corn daily.  It seems to be working :-)
One of OH's hobbies is flying.  He has a half share in this microlight.  Like me he is frugal in his daily life so he has the means to fund his hobbies.  He is not a big spender in other areas.  On Saturday we flew to Bute, a wee island off the west coast of Scotland.  It was a beautiful morning but I got very cold despite all my thermal layers.  I'm wearing my 99p ski jacket and £4.99 salopettes from eBay!! That's the skyline of Arran in the background.  It's a rare privilege to see where you live from above.  I'm very lucky.
Meanwhile, the on going kitchen saga is still on going.  My floor budget is back to zero as I've now got to fund 2 new outer doors before winter sets in.  And that's a 4 figure amount.  2 steps forward, 3 back *sighs*
On a happier note, 4 more days until October break!! :-)


  1. WOW! I bet her eyes watered! Our heaviest was 97 grams (if I remember correctly) so you've beaten us.

  2. 'I'm very lucky.' .... you're very brave, you wouldn't catch me up in one of those!!

    Huge egg, it must have been a double yolker ......

  3. Glad you enjoyed the flight, I'm with Sue above though! Good to see your chickens are laying well, they are obviously happy!

  4. I once had the opportunity to fly in a small 3 seater plane up the coast from Prestwick airport on a very clear day and its stunning. If we only got some regular good weather this would be a perfect place!! That said, the weather's been pretty good lately, can't complain! I'd love chickens but hubby won't hear of it :( He says he couldn't stand the tears every time one died/got eaten by a fox/escaped etc. I fear he's very pessimistic lol.