Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Christmas washout

Once again I have been knocked sideways during the school holiday.  Christmas was practically a non event for me as I was too ill to enjoy it.  I prepped and cooked a full Christmas dinner for 7 people but barely ate any of it. I'm still not well and have been nagged by most of my family to see my GP.  I will attempt to get an appointment when the surgery re opens again.  I know I need to sort out my work/life balance as I'm exhausted at the end of every term and I'm always ill.
But my washed out Christmas is nothing compared to those families devastated by the dreadful flooding in the North of England :-(   The rivers here have also burst their banks and there are fields surrounding Stirling full of water with only a few houses affected.  Everywhere is very wet and muddy, walking the dogs is a messy business.  We are on Amber alert again for tonight so although it's dry atm I'm expecting storm conditions tonight.  My poor wee chickens are very soggy!

I've been mainly confined indoors.  Resting doesn't do much for me but when you have uncontrollable coughing fits when you move about there's not much choice!  I've been knitting and playing with my jewellery tools.  I'm attempting a copycat version of a beautiful pearl necklace I saw costing £133.50.  My version, still with real pearls, will cost me a lot less than that!! 
I've also been doing a lot of thinking and planning.  2016 will be a significant year for me as I turn 50 in March.  I feel the need to do something different next year.  Watch this space ;-)


  1. I'm 50 in March too! Poor you, there are a lot of folk down with this nasty cold/flu bug at the moment. Take care x

  2. Take care and I'm glad you are seeing your GP.

    re the flood, there was a very sad message from someone on Facebook saying that her school had been flooded and such a lot had been lost - children's work, technology, very little could be salvaged. It's not just homes . . .
    J x

  3. I hope you feel better soon. We are very lucky to only have a bit of mud and a squidgy garden to contend with.

  4. Sorry to hear you've not been well, especially on your holidays, that's awful, will be good to see your GP. I only found out last week that my persistent cough is a side effect of my BP medicine, but I can live with that.
    Galloway on weather alerts too, but am fairly confident I'll be ok, but am well prepared anyway, you know me! lol
    Look forward to seeing your necklace, looks lovely already.
    Take care, sending love and positive thoughts


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