Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Pearl and Crystal Necklace

I finished my necklace and couldn't wait to share :-) 

Here it is on my dressmaker's dummy for scale.  It has 50 soft grey freshwater pearls.  Each one is separated by a tiny clear Swarovski crystal bicone bead.  There's a tiny silver letter A for Ali. The focal point is a red Swarovski heart pendant.  I had all the other jewellery findings as I used to make a lot of stuff

You can just see the A peeking out!
Total cost £11.36 for the heart, £3.12 for the tiny crystals, £1.99 for the A and £5.99 for the pearls so £22.46.

This was the original necklace that inspired me.  A beautiful Claudia Bradbury piece costing £133.50.  It has a silver heart.
I might change the findings on my red heart so it can be removed and swapped for other focal points, making it a versatile piece of jewellery.
I'm rather pleased with it :-)


  1. Your necklace is lovely. I too have lots of stuff to make jewellery with but I've never quite got round to doing it on any serious level, in fact my granddaughter makes more bead necklaces than me! Sounds like you do need to see the doc, my hubby used to always get ill every time he had a holiday from work until he got the stress under control. Now he works for himself, he could do with some stress to get going some days lol. I'm not complaining though, being ill every holiday is rubbish. 50's nothing, I'm 60 next June, now that's scary!!! Get well soon, x

  2. Your necklace is really lovely, well done x

  3. love the necklace, i am a big fan of pearls xx


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