Sunday, 24 January 2016

Busy Sunday

January seems to be the time for garden and outdoor planning.  Today there was a break in the relentless wet weather so we spent some time outside.  OH added a new support to the roof in the chicken run while I did some general tidying up.  The chickens were not happy at his DIY efforts and spent ages shouting at him from the safety of the other end of the garden!  While he was doing that I went to the front garden to check on the raised beds.
There are still some veggies growing despite the recent wind/rain/snow. 

Parsley, leeks and kale
Something's been nibbling the green kale...

...but not the purple stuff!!

The pak choy (or maybe it's bok choy, I can't remember which) has a few teeny nibbles

And the spring cabbage is hanging on!
I ordered a third raised bed for the front garden.  OH assembled it and it's now in the garage awaiting a coat of blue paint before I put it out with the other two.  A few more seed catalogues arrived this week so I need to sit down and work out what I want to grow this year.  I do love the planning bit :-)
Back inside again and I made an almond cake.  I've made this before in a round tin as a pudding but thought it would work in a loaf form too.  It was a hit!  Gluten and dairy free and totally delicious.
Almond cake
200g ground almonds
200g Pure spread
200g sugar
4 eggs
Beat spread and sugar until fluffy. 
Add eggs one at a time then add ground almonds.
Pour into loaf tin.
Bake at Gas 5 for about an hour until middle is set. 
Cover top with foil if it gets too browned before it's ready.
Job done!
A visit form my lovely mum, a couple loads of laundry done, some ironing and a kitchen clean up saw the end of a busy Sunday.  I'm now waiting for a Sainsbury's delivery before settling down to crack on with my forward plans for work.  My 5 year old laptop is really playing up so here's hoping I manage to complete them before it gives up completely.  I'm thinking of replacing it as a 50th birthday present to myself.  I'll need to do some research on the best deal of course!


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