Saturday, 30 January 2016

Mental decluttering

Apologies for the lack of consistent blogging recently.  Life is rather dull and repetitive at the moment with nothing particularly blogworthy.  A typical January then!  The weather as always dominates activities (or lack of) and it has been particularly nasty this past week.  So lots of indoor stuff has been on the agenda, like making lists and more lists of jobs to do to further my efforts in decluttering.

There's lots of research that suggests when your environment is less cluttered your mind is less cluttered too.   I've also discovered that that mental decluttering works wonders as well.  I spent some time 'unfriending' people on Facebook this week.  Some 'friends' were people I saw regularly when I was part of the ultra running scene, most of whom haven't been in touch for years.  They never liked or commented on my posts or wished me well on birthdays or other special events.  So I unfriended them.  All 91 of them!  Very cathartic :-)


  1. Good for you! I've never understood how someone can have hundreds (or thousands) of "friends"; I consider them acquaintances and don't bother with them. Friends are people I see or have other contact with regularly. May your New Year continue to be less cluttered and more full of the things that bring you joy.

  2. I have so far resisted the urge to join Facebook Twitter or any other social media site. I'm not sure if blogging is the same tho. My 86 year old mother is on Facebook and thinks it's great for keeping up with all her grandkids. I'm not sure I want to know anything that my kids don't tell me themselves and yes my friends are people I see or communicate regularly with. I do enjoy your blog btw. Wendy

  3. I unfriended some relatives over Christmas, I didn't run around trying to arrange get togethers or walk for miles putting cards through doors, or text them to make dates. And guess what, I wish I had done it years ago, because not one them made the effort instead!

  4. I agree there's something very cathartic about getting rid of the 'hangers on' and just having a select few real friends .... even on Facebook.

    My FB friends are family, real friends that live far away so we can keep in touch with each others lives and lots of blogging buddies along with a few regular readers.

  5. what I did was unfollow certain people so I don't get all their rubbish popping up. But like you I was fed up with people not liking or commenting on mine, so rather than defriend some people ( which would be awkward for various reasons ) I have limited my audience on my posts so only the select few see what I post . in some respects I loathe fastbook


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