Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Wee bit of stockpiling

Sainsbury's is currently selling my favourite tea in large boxes at £3.50 instead of £5 so I've stocked up on a few boxes.  That should do us for a wee while especially as I can get 2 mugs of tea from 1 teabag (I like it weak!!)


My favourite coffee was £2.50 a jar instead of £3.50 so I bought 2 last week and 2 this week.  My coffee is one of the few brands I won't scrimp on.  

Interestingly I've just checked the website and both items are back to full price.  So I'm glad I got a few to stockpile.There are still some tins of beans and sweetcorn left from a previous week's reductions. I think Heinz beans and Green Giant sweetcorn are worth the extra pennies but we use loads of Basics labels like ketchup and tinned fruit.

A quick pop into Sainsbury's after the gym tonight scored a few gluten free goodies for me, crumpets for The Teenager and a bag of rocket.  Sadly no meat bargains (we were too late) but the 2 sad looking whole plaice from the fish counter didn't tempt me.  A bargain's only a bargain if you'll use it!


  1. Brilliant bit of stockpiling. Hopefully by the time you get to the end of your stash there will be another offer on on your favourite brands :-)

    I agree with buying Heinz beans, I've tried lots of others and the value ones are good if you are just tipping them into a casserole or something but for the best beans on toast it HAS to be Heinz. And I stick with Nescafe, just buying it when it's on offer.

  2. Tea and coffee are hard to change foe a cheap brand, like you we stock pile when on offer. My tea bags we get off the Internet and save a fortune.

  3. I agree, some brands are worth the extra money. I too like Heinz for beans and I like my favourite tea and coffee too and tend to stock pile when on offer. Cereal is another thing I don't think is the same in cheap brands. I like rice krispies and corn flakes and have tried own brands and they taste nothing like the original which I much prefer. They taste ok as krispie cakes or cornflake cakes wrapped in chocolate though lol.

  4. We stoked up on reduced washing powder before Christmas but it is coming to an end now !!


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