Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Winter weight

No I don't look like this lady sumo wrestler but right now I feel like it.  In the winter I do less exercise outside as the cold really gets into my airway and I cough. A lot.  Until I'm sick.  A nasty bout of whooping cough 5 years ago left me with an 'easily irritated airway' so I avoid doing any running/cycling/walking outside.  I do go to the gym 3 times a week with OH but obviously that's not enough and the weight has been slowly creeping on. Usually by the summer I get motivated and get more active and it 'usually' shifts.  But as I'm approaching a special birthday in March I thought I'd do something about it now.
So I'm doing WeightWatchers.  I've done it before about 12 years ago so I know how it works although it's all changed with their SmartPoints and holistic approach now.  I quite like it! And if you lose 10lbs in the first 8 weeks you get your money back.  I like that a lot!!  My first target is to lose 6kg which is 13lbs so I could be slimmer by my birthday and get my money back.  Win, win :-)
After the gym last night OH needed to pop into Sainsbury's.  I picked up a wee gammon joint and 4 packs of lean stewing steak.
There were loads of these all with the 6th Jan date on them!
So I popped the gammon joint into the slow cooker on Low and left it overnight for about 8 hours.  I added nothing else to it, just the joint on its own.  It has roasted beautifully and just fell apart when I took it out.
I portioned it into 5 x 100g lots and marked the SmartPoints on the bag and froze them ready for making some healthy meals.  OH doesn't eat pork (or lamb, he's weird!) so they're all mine :-)
The beef is currently in the slow cooker with some carrots and onions.  I'll divide that up into portions and freeze as well.
I'm back at work tomorrow :-( Just 2 days then the weekend so it should be ok.  I'm going back with a positive attitude and will keep reminding myself to put my health first.


  1. Brilliant savings with that gammon joint!!

    I have no room in my freezer to buy anything at the moment, which is very good with my challenge going on ;-)

  2. I don't have any room either Sue but I couldn't pass up those bargains!!

  3. I know how you feel, I have bee wearing my fat clothes today, it's only a couple of pounds added, but it's enough to be un comfortable.

  4. my weight has creeped up too with cold weather and not being out as much. I just brought my treadmill back in from the barn so today I'm on it.