Saturday, 26 March 2016

Easter Holiday Weekend

Here in Scotland, The Powers That Be have decided that our annual 2 week Easter holiday should always fall on the first 2 weeks of April regardless of when it's actually Easter.  So this weekend we have Friday (Good Friday) and Monday off school.  Then we're back for 4 days before getting our 2 weeks Easter holiday.

So OH and I managed to get away in the campervan for 2 nights (my birthday treat!) by practically leaving straight after school on Thursday night.  We headed for Skye, stopping off at a few places on the way including Eilean Donnan Castle It's a fascinating place, steeped in history as far back as the Vikings (which is my particular passion!) Do click on the link! It cost us £7 each entry as it's a privately owned castle.  And I spent £6 in the gift shop on local honey.

There was a lot to see in the restored rooms open to the public so definitely worth a visit.  No photography was allowed so no pics of the inside.  Sadly the weather was against us or we'd have spent more time exploring the outdoor parts.  They catered well for other languages and we heard at least 3 languages spoken in our wanderings.

We wild camped both nights.  Firstly in Glencoe on Thursday night and in Tarskavaig on Friday night.  We have stayed there before so knew where to go. Both nights were cold, rainy and very windy but we were snug and warm inside our van.

It's not for everyone but we just love getting away for a mini break in the van. It doesn't cost us much compared to using a hotel or B&B.  Obviously there are fuel costs but wild camping is free.  And we take our our own food but always try to spend a wee bit of cash in the areas we visit as well.

And I still have 2 days of holiday to get some house and garden planning done before the longer 2 week break :-)


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    1. It's stunning, my photo doesn't do it justice as the weather was closing in. It's often used in Visit Scotland promotional material as it's 'typically' Scottish :-)

    2. Have not yet been to Scotland but its on my list !! xx

  2. Our easter hols are split here too, a bit mad, hope you had a great trip away :)


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