Sunday, 27 March 2016

It's only a bargain...

...if you need it!  I had to pop to Sainsbury's for a few things (shops are open here today in Scotland, we have different trading laws to England) and I did have bath towels and a basin on my list.  If they didn't have any I liked I would have looked elsewhere another time.  But as luck would have it, they had bath sheets reduced to half price. In bright red!  I wasn't fussed about the colour so snagging 2 large Egyptian cotton towels for £12 was a bargain.

I'd been looking for a new basin for my kitchen sink.  This Basics one was £1.25 AND made in Britain!  Again, I wouldn't have picked a black one but once it's full of soapy water you can't even see the colour.

There were lots of meat and fish yellow stickered bargains but I resisted as I have 2 full freezers atm.  I didn't need anything so they weren't really bargains for me.  Tomorrow I'm planning to to do a freezer audit as I genuinely don't know what's left in there.  Then I'm going to live out of the freezer for my 2 week school holiday starting on Friday the 1st April.

Sainsbury's had a lot of reduced household items including bedding, kitchen stuff and other seasonal (winter) stuff.  I guess they're clearing the shelves for Spring and Summer stock so it might be a good time if you're on the hunt for some house items at bargain prices.


  1. Ooh thanks for the heads up. I need some new bath towels, I have been using mine since my first flat ooh 17 years ago?! They are beginning to look somewhat tatty and worn now. Lots of threadbare patches! LOL

  2. Lol!! Mine were really threadbare and discoloured (they were white!!) so long overdue being replaced. Go on treat yourself! ;-)

  3. My husband ruined some lovely cream towels washing them with a navy towelling gown. He thought as they were all towelling they would be ok !!! Now the towels are a dingy blue , soooo annoying !

  4. Black and red...the colours of our local rugby team, OH would be in heaven if we had those! Great prices too!

  5. I went to Sainsbury for milk and came home with a blouse for £12 as 25% off. BTW the colour might run for first few washes. We had a burgundy towel from there that colour ran early washes.

    1. Good tip, thanks! I've washed them seperately already to fluff them up but will watch for colour run next few washes too

  6. Great bargain, I read that Sainsburys are doing their double Nectar point swap soon xxx

  7. Great bargains, will have to take a look in my local Sainsburys.