Sunday, 6 March 2016

Gran's vases

It's a rare event but I have several vases of flowers around the house at the moment.  Last week my OH brought me flowers, no reason.  He did tell me not to worry he hadn't broken anything!! (He's a tad clumsy!) I'm not that keen on having flowers indoors and actually only have one vase that I use.  However, I do have 2 rather lovely vases that belonged to my Gran.  They're very old fashioned in style and I can never arrange flowers nicely in them so they're just decorative ornaments.  They're both made by Maling, an old north of England pottery.  Some pieces are worth hundreds of pounds but I doubt if mine are worth that much!  It's their sentimental value that matters to me :-) More info on Maling here and here

This one is really pretty but a tricky shape to fill nicely.  These tulips were from No 1 son because he liked the colours.  Me too!

And these lilies are from The Teenager, in my plain old vase.  They'll be gorgeous when they start to open.  Both boys gave me flowers for Mothers' Day, no idea why as they both know I dislike the commercial event and have never looked to mark or celebrate it in any way (I do send my lovely mum a card though)  But they did cheer me up because I have yet another cold!!!! Meh!


  1. Beautiful flowers and really lovely vases. I love flowers both indoors and out. Sorry you have yet another cold :(

  2. I prefer to see flowers outdoors but appreciate the sentiments behind giving me some. My family know I'd much rather have something edible or alcoholic ;-)

  3. The first vase is very nice, looks pearlescent


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