Sunday, 13 March 2016

Very quiet weekend

Just a quick post to say it was a very tiring week at work so I've had a quiet weekend.  All week I struggled with a heavy cold that turned into sinusitis (yuck!) and was so tired I missed an after school professional development training session.  Luckily my Headteacher was supportive.  We've got a major staff shortage at the moment so she was more concerned that I wouldn't be absent the next day.

I got home at 4pm on Friday and the next time I left the house was tonight at 6pm to go for a gentle gym session with OH and The Teenager.  I spent a happy afternoon yesterday in the garden, just tidying up leaves and weeds and filling my brown bin.  Today I was catching up on some recorded TV and pottering in the kitchen.  I've started a crochet blanket to use up some yarn. I've also been doing some garden planning.  Very relaxing.  I actually feel well tonight :-)

The photo is some fruit and veg bargains I scored through the week (Wednesday night after being a taxi service) We quickly popped into Sainsbury's on the way home tonight and I scored a 2kg Taste the Difference matured beef joint for £11.79.  That'll be going into the slow cooker overnight and should provide us with lots of meals.

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