Wednesday, 13 April 2016


I cannot stop myself!!!!!  I just can't walk past a good yellow sticker deal.  It's TKD night so I popped into Sainsbury's and hit the jackpot.  You always get good bargains at the end of a miserable wet day and it's been a very wet one today. Tonight's haul 2 x Chantenay carrots (500g) 10p each, 1kg carrots 14p, baby spinach leaves 10p, baby watercress leaves 10p, 8 x garlic flatbreads 24p each, triple cheese pizza £1.25, 2 x Warburton's toastie loaves, 24p and 2 x shortcrust pastry 24p.  The Crunchy Nut cornflakes were a half price deal at £1.57 for the big 750g box so technically not yellow sticker but a good deal.

I know I'm trying to use up stuff from my freezers but we were low on stuff for The Teenager so most of it is for him.  The pizza is one meal.  He sometimes puts cheese and veggies on a flatbread to make his own pizza or eats them with soup, that's at least 8 meals (or more if he only uses a half at a time) The pastry will make a couple of quiches.  The carrots will become various soups and the spinach/watercress will go in a smoothie or another soup.

And yesterday I got 2 veggie haggis reduced in Dobbies.  Yum!

So big fail on using up what I already had but everything was too good to pass on and I'll get a lot of meals from the total haul.  I did walk away from some lamb neck chops and smoked salmon as I knew I didn't need them so it's not all bad!


  1. Great bargains. I love veggie haggis, especially stuffed into peppers, yum!

  2. Brilliant haul, well done. I've never thought of using flatbreads as pizza bases, what a good idea.

    1. We can turn anything bready into a pizza - wraps, French baguettes, crumpets etc :-)

  3. Fab haul! I feel the need to try veggie haggis now, it looks interesting. Well done for not buying the bargain meat if you didn't need it, restraint is hard!

  4. To quote my mother, 'A bargain is only a bargain if you need it or now you will use it'. Well, I think you fit into that criteria and it would be false economy not to buy the stuff! That's how I see it anyway, it's not like the stuff is going to get thrown out later because you didn't use it.