Tuesday, 12 April 2016

More using it up

In the spirit of using stuff up, I've been clearing out my bathroom cabinet.  As a teacher I often get toiletry gifts that are not to my taste or get lots of the same thing but because they were gifts I'm loathe to throw them out. So a perfume became an air freshener in my wee downstairs loo!  And I've put some hand cream in there too for any visitors that might want to use some.  I've also been using up sachets of hair conditioner and those wee bottles of shampoo you get in hotels. Waste not, want not.

I'm still using up the contents of my freezers.  The chest one is running low especially on stuff for The Teenager.  I'll soon be able to transfer everything into one freezer then I'll get rid of this one.  I did think about moving it to the garage but if I've only got one then it'll stop me buying too many yellow stickered items in the first place!

Even though I'm managing to eat from the freezers and storecupboard I was low on a few fresh things so popped round to Lidl which is just 2 mins from my house.  Pears, tomatoes, spring onions, 2 kiwis, prawn crackers and a bottle of Pepsi Max (my vice!!) all for £3.15.  Bargain!

And the pears and kiwis were perfect for eating now.  Perfect for pudding!

Today's weather was truly awful.  Just 6 degrees C and very wet :-( No gardening but I rearranged furniture in 3 rooms to create more space.  I may move some of it back, I'll sleep on it.


  1. Tomorrow is going to be warm. Well in Sussex we expect it to be. I'm working on our freezer too but I also still put things in it too. A constant rotation it seems.

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