Monday, 30 May 2016

It worked!

Well, they were edible so that counts!  I did them for 8 hours in the dehydrator but they still weren't 'crisp.' However, they were slightly chewy and absolutely delicious.  Because they weren't fully dry they wouldn't store for long so I had to eat them! ;-) But as a first attempt I was really pleased.  Next time I'll cut them more on the diagonal (they look better and are bigger) and dry them for longer.  I'm going to try a fruit leather next with the remaining blackcurrants in the freezer.

Most things are growing successfully in the polytunnel but I've noticed some of my spinach and rocket leaves are are curling and withering.  Not sure why.

Something is eating a couple of my pumpkin leaves.  I'm pretty sure it's a leaf cutter but not sure how to get rid of it.

And my first tomato!!

The end of term is fast approaching.  I only have 4 weeks left until the summer holiday!  Hopefully by the end of this week I'll know if my contract is being changed to a permanent one and if I get to stay in this school.  Fingers crossed!

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  1. Everyone probably knows this but just in case, bananas don't dry to the banana chip consistency that we can buy in the shops. I think those are treated differently - maybe fried? Dehydrated bananas are much more chewy (but still delicious).


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