Sunday, 25 September 2016

Shiny and new

A few shiny new things have been appearing here lately.  My laptop died hence the blog silence for 2 weeks :-(  I'd had it for 5 years and to be honest I've been nursing it along for the last year.  I'd been backing up my files and photos so when it literally fell apart it wasn't a shock.  I shopped around and eventually chose a new one similar to my old one with £100 off as the added bonus!  I'm still getting used to it.  I've discovered I'm not good with new technology, I just don't have the patience.  Definitely a sign of getting old!

Another new thing is The Teenager's black belt in TKD.  I think the smile says it all :-)

Work is hectic, in all honesty I'm not enjoying it at all.  I'm hoping that will change.  I'm working long hours in school and still doing a few more at home every night.  Housework/gardening and decorating have all been abandoned.  Although I did manage to defrost and thoroughly clean out my black fridge freezer.

I picked all the ripe tomatoes from the polytunnel.

And all the green ones!

I've been using up as much as I can from both freezers before stocking them back up again.  I stewed some gooseberries with a couple of sad apples from the fruit bowl and turned them into crumble. Yum!

Life is trundling along nicely.

Oh, there will be one more shiny new thing arriving in the next few weeks. Yesterday I bought a new car!  But that story deserves a post of it's own!! :-)


  1. Congratulations to your son! I have one TKD black belt and one who will be testing this December! I know it's a real investment but it is also the best I've ever made for my kids both physically and in boosting their confidence and self-discipline! My father-in-law always says Tae Kwon Do is Korean for really expensive belts and he's not half wrong LOL!

  2. Thanks! Lol at your FIL!! Def a family affair here too as OH is a 3rd Dan and his daughter is a 2nd :-)

  3. Wow a TKD black belt , well done that man!!

    My youngest son has just been on a 'Blue Lighters' charity boxing match and has a very sore nose to show for it, he's not a natural boxer .... too heavy on his feet poor lad. He was always into karate and other martial arts but never TKD.


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