Sunday, 11 September 2016

A new era

This morning I took The Teenager to Glasgow to move into halls.  Gulp!! My baby has flown the nest and I'm now officially an empty nester.  We were both prepared and ready for it so no tears or drama.  It's the next stage in both our lives and I know I'm looking forward to mine.  I'm always at the end of the phone and it's only a 40 minute drive down the motorway..  I've had a few texts from him this afternoon but all seems to be well so far.  His biggest problem was figuring out how the cooker works!  His flatmates seem ok with a mixture of subjects being studied so plenty of scope for discussion (and drinking!)

When I got home I kept thinking I needed to go the supermarket as I hadn't been for a week.  But I had a look in the cupboards and freezers and realised they were actually pretty full.  Just not full of quick to grab n eat stuff!! I had no non dairy milk left but remembered I'd seen something on Pinterest about making your own oat milk.  So I gave it a go!

This brand is quite nice and costs £1.40 per litre.  I made about 700ml for 10p!!  It's a little watery so next time I'll use less water but hey, for 10p it tastes great.

Oat Milk


Soak 100g of rolled oats in a bowl with 500ml of room temperature water for 15 mins.  Drain and squeeze through a sieve.  Put oats back into the bowl with 200ml of water and leave for another 10 mins.  Drain and squeeze (I used the back of a spoon to really get all the creamy juice out!)

Next time I'll use 400ml of water for the first soak.  It keeps for a week in the fridge apparently.  I'll report back on that.

This week I'm going to try to live out of the cupboards and freezers and use up all the sugary and processed stuff so I can make a start on cutting out refined sugars.  OH's Teenogre will eat up stuff The Teenager has left behind so I can re stock with even more healthy foods.  My diet is pretty healthy but I do succumb to the odd packet of crisps or cereal bar.  If they're simply not there then I can't eat 'em!!  Definitely a new era round here :-)

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  1. We live by the same rules, if we don't keep the naughty items in, we can't eat them. On Sunday evening we have our sweet night, and each have one treat. It will feel strange at first, but you will get to love being just two.