Saturday, 10 September 2016

Ruff week

I honestly don't know how I got through this week! But I know I'm exhausted and I've got a hectic weekend ahead. On top of the mountain of paperwork, I have a very difficult class to manage.  Most of my time is taken up dealing with behaviour issues.  When I come home from work and tell OH some of the stuff the kids get up to he just laughs and says it's like an episode of Bad Education The Early Years version!

This week's highlights include 2 of my boys peeing in the playground and 2 different boys running out of the playground onto the road for a dare.  I was on line duty and had several older boys (not even my class!) refuse to come in after break.  That was a management issue, I just ignored them and left them.

Yesterday we had a fire drill in the morning and then in the afternoon just as I was about to start my Textiles stuff with 20 kids we had an actual fire incident and had to evacuate the building for real.  In the rain.  And while we waited for the 2 fire engines to arrive to deal with it (smoke alarm in the kitchen was triggered) the council workers CONTINUED CUTTING THE GRASS AROUND THE 200+ KIDS STANDING IN THE RAIN!!!!!

You couldn't make this stuff up!  Oh, and Emma's back in season so I have a howling whiny dog when I get home exhausted from work!  At least I don't have to think about dinner when I get in :-)


  1. I worked for almost 30 years for our school board. All that time in behaviour classes K-9. The last 10 years (the most physically difficult) with autistic children with major behaviour issues. After having rotator cuff surgeries on both shoulders I decided it was time to call it a day! I don't envy you, as I now how difficult it can be. It really helps with discipline if the parents AND princioal are on side. Good Luck!!

  2. Horrible week here too. It has come to the point where you can hardly teach because you're dealing with bad behaviour. I am exhausted too and wonder how I'll manage the full year. I love your picture; the only difference between me and that dog is that he still manages to look cute. I don't ! Fraternally; bon courage ! xx

  3. I agree last week was manic here as well!!


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