Friday, 25 November 2016

A good week

I don't mean a good week in being frugal and scoring yellow stickered items, although you can see I did well last night 😀

I mean I had a good week at work!  For the first time since I started this job it felt like everything was starting to come together and other people are noticing.

A visiting specialist colleague who supports a wee girl in my class with major communication difficulties, spent some time in my classroom to observe her with her peers.  I didn't have advance notice so I didn't prepare anything special! It was a Literacy lesson with various activities going on, some children working on their own, some in groups and some working with me.  At the end she commented that there was a lovely atmosphere in the room with all children busy and engaged in their learning.

I had another parents' evening where all the parents reported back to me that their children were happy and enjoying what we did each day.

I only taught for 3 days with the remaining 2 days being Staff Development.  Yesterday we had a visiting speaker to talk about Reflective Reading.  She was very inspiring and gave us lots of practical stuff about teaching reading in 'new' ways.  I was already doing some of the ideas she was suggesting so it was great to know I'm doing the 'right' thing in current thinking about reading.  Especially as it's now a whole school change in the way we approach it.  At my job interview I was asked about how I taught reading so the headteacher obviously knows what I do already.

Today at our morning meeting about our behaviour policy I made a suggestion that is going to be implemented starting on Monday!

And this afternoon we went to a course on Mentoring and at the end 2 of my younger colleagues said they wanted me to be their mentor  💜

All these have added up to a good week professionally.  I really really needed one!

Now I need to start planning and thinking about Christmas!! 🎄🎅🎁


  1. It is lovely when your colleagues affirm you, isn't it? Well done.
    J x

  2. good one....keep it up and you'll be a master teacher for all!


  3. Aww, thank you. It's amazing how a few positive comments about what you're doing can make you feel that everything will work out

  4. Bless you. You have been sent into these children's lives just when they need you. A good teacher can form a child for life, and it seems as though you have that gift.

  5. I agree with Lesley. I'm now knocking 60 and I still remember the "good" ones. Actually I got my job in Switzerland when I was 21 (and absolutely fell in love with the place), so I looked up my old French teacher's address and wrote to him to say that if I had been able to get such a good job it was down to my French and THAT was down to him - for which I thanked him. He wrote the sweetest letter back. I heard he died shortly afterwards as he was fairly elderly when I was at school, so I am so glad I did it. Good for you - those little kids will remember you. Anna


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